Rules for Bards

The Bard

A bard is a support class and a healer. When engaged in a meme war you need to decide whether the Kekistanis around you are low on morale or high on morale. If they are low on morale use your memes to support them. When supporting, only target the ones you are supporting. As a healer you will become a primary target for the enemy if they see you in the back chanting hymns and paeans. If you show yourself too early they will know you are supporting and take you out.

When you cast support determine whether the Kekistanis need to be healed or buffed. If they have just taken verbal abuse, determine whether they need help. If so, cheer them up with a joke. If they are strong and doing well themselves, you can buff them with a battle cry.

It’s risky to play an offensive bard as the enemy usually blocks you right away. Often the enemy does not understand humour, so it’s easy to get suspended as well. Stay behind the warriors and don’t break character. Don’t engage with the enemy.