My Story

Once upon a time there was a frogling spawned to a lowly hedge-frog-knight that lived on the fringes of the Great Dank Forest. None of the other frogs liked him because he was too pretty and he didn’t know how to fight. Instead he liked to dance, sing and create lots of drama that involved as many ladies as possible.

One day while he was wooing certain lady-frogs in the forest they decided to play hide and seek. When it was his turn to hide he began to hop West and while hopping decided that he would just keep hopping until he found more people that were less boring.

When he got to some mountains in a place called Kekistan he began to play his lute. Other Kekistanis stopped by to listen to his stories and ballads. They laughed and they laughed and they sang along. Some of them even threw him shiny coins that he could buy better instruments with!

He decided he would keep playing his songs and telling his stories and soon began to learn of the Kekistani people, their history, their culture and their traditions.

Thus was born the first Museum of the Kekistani People, an Art Gallery designed to collect the dankest and rarest artworks of Kekistani people from all segments of society. In this Museum the nameless bard will also sing of the tales that he has learned to inspire all people and frogs, whether they are Kekistani or not.

Welcome to the Museum; stay awhile and listen! Come and hear the amazing stories that have been created by the Kekistani people!